GSO 16″ f/8 Ritchey Chretien Truss Tube OTA

R 136,350.00 R 85,850.00 inc. Vat

The 16” f/8 RC Optical Tube Assembly from GSO is a true Ritchey, You do not have to worry about chromatic aberrations, coma, false color, or the need to add a field flattener/corrector to the mix!

The Keck does it, the VLT does it, so why can’t you? Using a true Ritchey-Chretien telescope for astro-imaging has been the dream of many an amateur astronomer, but making that dream come true used to be nearly impossible for all but the most financially blessed of us. Now that GSO (Guan Sheng Optical) has turned its attention to building a quality, large aperture RC telescope that won’t break the bank, they have opened up the possibility of that professional-style, dream telescope to a higher percentage of the amateur astro-imaging population.

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GSO 16” f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Optics

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes do not use any lenses in their design. Instead, they consist of a concave hyperbolic primary and a convex hyperbolic secondary mirror. This design provides superb image correction across the entire field as well as very sharp images on-axis. Optical testing is done several times throughout the manufacturing process, and then before the optical set is mounted in an OTA, it is tested again and hand-corrected if necessary to bring it up the advertised wave front.

The GSO 16” RC has a 1/12th wave or better primary mirror. The mirror is made of quartz and then topped with a highly reflective (99%) dielectric coating that also protects the optics against sleeks and scratches. Quartz is famous for its super low thermic expansion properties, and you will notice the difference when your telescope is exposed to the cool night air. The primary rides on an 18-point floatation system in fixed mirror cell, eliminating the problem of image shift. The secondary mirror is also quartz with multiple 99% dielectric over coatings and is mounted in a fully adjustable cell for ease of collimation.

Carbon Fiber Truss Lightens the Load

Carbon fiber has an amazing strength to weight ratio, and it cools down like a champ. The 16” f/8 OTA includes Serrurier carbon truss tubes to keep flexure to a minimum and your optics collimated as the telescope moves across the sky. The inside of the optical tube includes a computer-optimized baffle system to eliminate stray light. Three small fans located at the back of the telescope help it reach ambient temperature in a flash.

3” Crayford Focuser is Included

The GSO 16” RC comes with a 3” Crayford Focuser. The focuser rides on a stainless steel track, or monorail when you rack the focus in or out. This updated design feature keeps the focuser from twisting or bending when you have a camera or imaging set-up riding on it. A 10:1 dual speed focusing system allows for both coarse and fine focus, and the focuser can be rotated 360º to help you achieve the proper image orientation.

GSO 16” f/8 RC Telescope Specifications


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