Zero image shift for current LX200 scopes using AutoStar II comp

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This Meade #1209 four-speed zero image shift electric microfocuser threads onto the rear cell of current Meade LX200 telescopes only. It is controlled by the Meade AutoStar II computer hand control only (the current version with a 145,000 object database), and will not work with the earlier AutoStar I hand control. It will not work with any other brand of telescope or Meade telescope, nor with other non-current Meade LX200 catadioptric scopes (e.g., any LX10, LX90, or LX200 equipped with the AutoStar I hand control). It accepts both 2" and 1.25" star diagonals and accessories.

In the image above, the 1.25" accessory adapter is shown fitted into the 2" accessory barrel of the Meade focuser, where it is held in place by the two thumbscrews at the top of the focuser. The head of the single thumbscrew that holds accessories in the 1.25" adapter is visible at the 9 o’clock position on the focuser body, with the end of the silver threaded thumbscrew visible inside the 1.25" opening in the adapter.

The pin jack that plugs into the focuser output of current LX200 scopes is at the right rear, at the end of the permanently attached coiled cord that is connected to the focuser.

At the left front is an adapter ring that threads onto the rear cell of your scope. Once the adapter ring is firmly threaded in place on your scope, the focuser slips over the adapter ring and is held in place by recessed screws in the body of the focuser.

At the right front is an adapter ring that slips into the focuser’s 2" barrel to emulate the 2" rear cell thread of your scope so you can use any visual and photographic accessories that normally would thread directly onto your scope’s rear cell.

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