Micro Edge 2" SCT Crayford Style Focuser

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Schmidt-Cassegrain version: It’s easy to install with focuser directly to the telescope threads, to tight the adapter on the focuser until fixed.

The focuser is the most "visible" part of any telescope with the exception of the optics themselves. You touch the focuser all the time, the focuser is responsible for holding your eyepieces or camera in position and moving them precisely into focus in the first place. This way ultra-precise focus motion is possible for both visual and particularly photographical applications.

The features: 

* Load capacity up to 2.7kgs 
* Ultra smooth focus motion with 10:1 Microfocus knob
* Constant movement
* 2" compression ring
* 2" to 1.25" adaptor with compression ring and 2" filter thread

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