BRAND NEW! ASI174MM/MC is our new camera designed especially for Sun and Moon imaging.

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We have the largest range of telescopes, ranging from 60mm to 500mm in diameter.Reflecting, refracting, advance reflecting and Casegrain telescopes. We are the biggest retailer of Celestron products in South Africa and also sell other known brands. We are at your service, delivering country-wide, by secure courier.

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Choosing Eyepieces.

A telescope simply will not work without an eyepiece. The optical elements of an eyepiece allow you to focus light collected by a telescope, so you can observe a sharp view of the object or area where the telescope is pointing. With an eyepiece installed in the...

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Telescope types

Newtonian Reflector The Newtonian Reflector, also known as catoptrics, is a telescope which uses a spherical or concave parabolic primary mirror to collect, reflect and focus the light onto a flat secondary mirror (diagonal). This secondary mirror in turn reflects the...

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Telescope Mount Types

The mount refers to both the legs and the mechanism that holds and points the telescope. The mount is critical for how you use and enjoy your telescope. In the old days mounts were just mechnical devices, but in these modern computerized times, mounts are becoming...

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Filters Filters work by blocking a specific part of the color spectrum, thus significantly enhancing the remaining wavelengths. Colored filters work by absorption/transmission, and instantly tell you which part of the spectrum they are reflecting, and therefore...

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If you have Digital SLR, you can take some beautiful wide-field images with just the camera on a tripod. This is where I would suggest you start if you are just getting into astrophotography with a DSLR. Next, you may want to shoot some images with your camera and...

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Mirror Cleaning

How to clean my mirror?First, do you really need to clean your mirrors? If your mirrors are just dusty, at most, rinse them only. Every time you clean your mirrors, even if you use the safest methods, you will make some microscopic scratches on your mirrors which...

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Polar Alinment

Polar alignment for Astrophotography and normal viewing.A German Equatorial mount has an adjustment, sometimes called a wedge, which tilts the mount's polar axis so that it points at the appropriate Celestial Pole (NCP or SCP). Once the mount has been polar aligned,...

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Galaxy's visible through a telescope The diameter of the telescope is the most important aspect for a decent Telescope.(not the Magnification) Just to give an idea,(using the NGC 2000 star Catalog) what is visible through the following size telescopes on a dark clear...

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